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International Regulatory Telecom and Safety Approval

For now, there are no changes for the UK, and they will continue to follow & use the CE requirements. 

However, once Brexit is completed changes could come in the future to separate the UK standards from CE.   

Based on comments from the UK it looks to be several years before we see any significant changes to the UK legislation implementing the CE Mark directives. 

As things stand at present, the exit will have no effect on the UK’s participation in the European standards bodies, CEN and CENELEC. The current presumption whereby British Standards are withdrawn in favor of Harmonised European standards has never been mentioned in the debate about Brexit and it seems likely that it will remain for the foreseeable future. Since the majority of the detailed design measures for CE marked products come from standards, there will be little practical change so far as equipment designers are concerned.

In the long term, clearly there will be some divergence between UK and EU requirements for product safety. 

As you may already know CE Certification is a self declared approval.

The typical process is the manufacture has their product reviewed by an accredited test lab. CSIA has many different partner labs in that are accredited to perform FCC testing and CE Mark testing.

Once the lab reviews your product they determine which of the RED (Radio Equipment Directive) standards apply to your product.

Then the CE testing of you product is performed at the accredited test lab.

Once complete the manufacture is supplied with the CE test reports. With those test reports the manufacture creates a Declaration of Conformity that list all the RED standards that the product underwent testing on and completes it by stating their product meets the requirements for Self Declared CE Certification.

They are then free to place the CE Mark on their product, import and sell in the countries that accept the CE Mark.

The CE Mark is critical in moving forward with your Global Market Access.

CSIA is an important partner for manufactures looking into Global Market Access, which includes FCC Certification and CE Certification.

You can find more information on CE Certification, CE testing, FCC Certification and FCC testing on our website or contact CSIA for more information.

United Kingdom, Brexit and CE Certification