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International Regulatory Telecom and Safety Approval


Is country specific certification required or is CE/FCC approval sufficient?

  • Country specific certification required

What is the lead time to obtain type approval?

  • 4-5 weeks

Are there any marking or logo requirements?

  • Yes there are marking requirements. Contact CSIA for more details.

Is in country testing required or can we leverage existing FCC or CE test reports?

  • We can leverage your FCC test reports as part of the application process. Contact CSIA for more details.

What are the types of equipment that would require approval in this country?

  • Most products using telecom technology such as WIFI, Bluetooth, cellular and satellite.

Do I need an in country local representative or local certificate holder?

  • Yes in many cases a local representative is required.

Rwanda updates:

March 2022

The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) published on 16th February 2022 the New Regulation N° 012/R/STDICT/RURA/2021 to regulate the importation, supply and type approval of electronic communications equipment in Rwanda.

This regulation is enforced by its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Rwanda on 16th February 2022. The enforcement of the regulation N° 012/R/STDICT/RURA/2021 means the suspension of old regulation N°. 011/R/STDICT/RURA/2020.

In the new regulation RURA defines three categories of equipment which are subject to type approval in Rwanda. These categories are:

Electronic communications equipment used or to be used on public radio and communication network.
Radio equipment or related components which include one or more transmitters or receivers or their parts.

Electronic communications equipment connected to and used within electronic communications network, including electronic communications terminal equipment.

October 2021

Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Authority (RURA) published a regulation for the use of mobile and fixed broadband services.
This note concerns unlicensed and light licensed services operating in the frequency bands of 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 60 GHz.

Contact CSIA for more information on this update and how it may affect your product.

February 2020

RURA (Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority) recently issued the guideline for the use of SRD (Short Range Devices) in Rwanda.

The objective is to define the technical specifications according to the allocation table of frequency bands, combat illegal
use of frequency spectrum, etc.

​Note that article 6 of the requirements of SRDs in Rwanda stipulates that SRDs are exempted from license unless specified otherwise noted. Nevertheless all SRDs and like any other radio device must be approved.
If you make any change in the characteristics of the device (SRD) you must notify the regulatory agency.
An importer of license is required for the import of SRD equipment.

As regulations change from time to time in many countries you should contact 
CSIA for up to date information.

CSIA can also provide supporting services should your company not be able to meet country specific requirements such as a local representative, local certificate holder, translating documents into the native language, etc. Contact 
CSIA for all your FCC certification, CE certification, Industry Canada and International Approval needs.

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