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Type Approval in Peru

Is country specific certification required or is CE/FCC approval sufficient?

  • Country specific certification required

What is the lead time to obtain type approval?

  • 4-6 weeks

Are there any marking or logo requirements?

  • No

Is in country testing required or can we leverage existing FCC or CE test reports?

  • We can leverage your FCC test reports as part of the application process. ContactCSIA for more details.

What are the types of equipment that would require approval in this country?

  • Most products using telecom technology such as WIFI, Bluetooth, cellular and satellite.

Do I need an in country local representative or local certificate holder?

  • No


​                                Regulatory Updates for Peru

June 2023
The Ministerio de Transporte y Comunicaciones (MTC) has approved the updated National Frequency Allocation Plan (NFAP), aiming to improve WLAN connectivity and support the development of mobile technologies such as LTE and 5G.

July 2020
MTC in Peru is now enforcing the requirement to obtain updated approvals for cellular products with IMEI numbers previously approved by MTC without consideration of the GSMA registration and TAC. The updated approval must include the GSMA registration as a mandatory requirement, and each TAC requires separate MTC approval

March 2020
All products using cellular technologies that operate above 2.2 GHz (with an output power greater than 50mW) require SAR reports and a GSMA TAC letter as of April 2020.

August 2019
Peru regulatory agency Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones (MTC) recently released a new Supreme Decree SN 019-2019-MTC.
This new Decree modifies the Type Approval requirements for cellular terminals.
These requirements are only applicable to consumer smart phone devices. The chief modification requires all smart phone devices entering Peru to have Cell Broadcast Service (CBS) enabled to receive warnings from
The National Emergency Alert Early Messaging System (SISMATE).
Companies interested in type approval or homologation of their products in Peru that may fall under this new Decree should contact CSIA for more details.

Type Approval in Peru - CSIA

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