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International Regulatory Telecom and Safety Approval

Is country specific certification required or is CE/FCC approval sufficient?

  • Country specific certification required

What is the lead time to obtain type approval?

  • 3-4 weeks

Are there any marking or logo requirements?

  • No

Is in country testing required or can we leverage existing FCC or CE test reports?

  • We can leverage your CE Mark test reports as part of the application process. ContactCSIA for more details.

What are the types of equipment that would require approval in this country?

  • Most products using telecom technology such as WIFI, Bluetooth, cellular and satellite.

Do I need an in country local representative or local certificate holder?

  • A local representative is required.

Mauritius update:

September 2022

The Information & Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) has published a decision on the use of the 6 GHz band for WLAN purposes.

August 2022

On August 4, 2022, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) of Mauritius published the “Decision for Allocation of Additional Spectrum in the Frequency Range 5945-6425 MHz for Broadband Wireless Access Services in Mauritius”. This Decision now allows the 5945-6425 MHz frequency band to be available for WAS/RLAN use for the following devices:

  • Indoor Low Power (ILP) devices for indoor use only. Outdoor use of ILP devices (including those in road vehicles) is not permitted.
  • Very Low Power (VLP) devices for indoor and outdoor use, with the exception of those devices for fixed outdoor use. Use of VLP devices on radio-control models is prohibited.
  • The 5945-6425 MHz frequency range is to be used by WAS/RLAN devices on a non‑exclusive, non-interference and non-protected basis.
  • WAS/RLAN equipment is to comply with the technical conditions and standardization requirements mentioned in the annex to the paper.

July 2021

​The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) in Mauritius has granted 5G licenses to 3 mobile operators: Cellplus Ltd, Emetel Ltd, and Mahanagar Telecom Mauritius Limited. This development follows a public consultation released by ICTA earlier this year on opening frequency bands for 5G. ICTA anticipates that Mauritius will be among the first few African countries to launch 5G commercially.

September 2019

The Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) has issued different documents to modify the process for the clearance to import Information and Communications Technology (ICT) equipment. These changes include a new web portal for applications and the definition of lists which separate equipment depending on type of authorization required.

March 2018

The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) has issued The Telecommunication Directive 2 of 2017 on 1 Dec 2017. This new directive amends the earlier dispositions taken by the Provision 3.12 of the Telecommunication Directive 1 of 2014.
For electronic devices with only the built in BT function, they will no longer be subject to approval in Mauritius.
As a result any importer or manufacturer will simply have to satisfy the requirements of the label and conformity to the standards applicable to his device as established in Mauritius.

January 2018

ICTA in Mauritius has updated the regulations governing type approval and addressing the requirements for licensed dealers in Mauritius. The updated regulation exempts certain BT and WiFi products and PABX systems from mandatory type approval. These newly exempted products are subject to market surveillance, and local dealers must hold compliance files (ETSI standards) on record. 

As regulations change from time to time in many countries you should contactCSIA for up to date information.

CSIA can also provide supporting services should your company not be able to meet country specific requirements such as a local representative, local certificate holder, translating documents into the native language, etc. Contact CSIA at (503) 489 8006 or for all your FCC certification, CE certification, Industry Canada and International Approval needs.