For Information on FCC, CE Mark or International Approvals

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International Type Approval and Safety Approval

Many of these new certification programs are very similar to the energy star program. In many countries we can utilize your existing test reports but some countries will require samples be sent for in country testing at their specified labs. CSIA assists not only with the EEC applications but coordinates the testing with the in country labs.

Certificate Holder Services

Many countries will not issue the certificate in the name of a foreign manufacturer. In those countries we have associate companies that can act as "certificate holder" for you to allow your product to be marketed in their country

Other Services

CSIA’s partnerships around the world allow us to provide additional services to our clients including:

· International Approvals

· FCC, CE, ISED Approvals

· GMPCS-MoU ITU Registration

· Safety Approvals

· Energy Efficient Certifications

· Translations

· SASO/CoC Inspections

· Local Representative Service

Energy Efficient


As more countries around the world become concerned about energy use and the growth of their high tech sector the number of countries that now require or at least suggest you obtain some type of energy efficient certification is growing.

Safety Certifications

Most of you recognize the UL logo on many of the electrical products you use every day. Many countries have their own version of this safety certification. Some examples are Mexico has NOM NYCE, South Africa has SABS/NRCS and Taiwan has BSMI. CSIA can obtain these certifications for not only your telecom products but non telecom ITE, Kitchen appliances, etc.

Telecom Certifications

Type approval, or homologation as it is also called, is required in order to import your electronic products into almost every country in the world. Whether it is Bluetooth, WiFi, PSTN, Satellite, Cellular, etc. most regulatory agencies will require either in country testing or submission of foreign test reports along with other required documents. CSIA helps you navigate the various requirements of each country ending in a successful approval of your products.