International Regulatory Telecom and Safety Approval

Is country specific certification required or is CE/FCC approval sufficient?

  • Country specific certification required

What is the lead time to obtain type approval?

  • 4-5 weeks

Are there any marking or logo requirements?

  • Yes.

Is in country testing required or can we leverage existing FCC or CE test reports?

  • We can leverage your CE Mark test reports as part of the application process. Contact CSIA for more details.

What are the types of equipment that would require approval in this country?

  • Most products using telecom technology such as WIFI, Bluetooth, cellular and satellite.

Do I need an in country local representative or local certificate holder?

  • A local declarant is required.

Belarus update

November 2022

Currently, the following changes in terms of standardization are being prepared in the Republic of Belarus:

- Technical Regulations of the Republic of Belarus "Telecommunication facilities. Safety" (TR/024/BY). Сhanges will be made in terms and definitions, lists of telecommunication facilities released in circulation on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and subject to conformity assessment in the form of certification and declaration. A draft of the regulations submitted for public discussion is attached.

- STB 2453-2016 "Household washing machines. Energy efficiency. Labeling". Amendment No. 3.

- STB 2455-2016 "Household dishwashing machines. Energy efficiency. Labeling". Amendment  No. 3.

- STB 2456-2020 "Household dishwashing machines. Energy efficiency. Requirements and control methods". Amendment  No. 1.

- STB 2457-2020 "Household washing machines. Energy efficiency. Requirements and control methods". Amendment No. 1.

- STB 2463-2020 "External power supplies. Energy efficiency. Requirements for power consumption at idle and average effective efficiency. Methods of control". Amendment No. 1.

- STB 2474-2020 "Household refrigerating appliances. Energy efficiency. Requirements and control methods". Amendment  No. 1.

- STB 2476-2020 "Non-directional household lamps. Energy efficiency. Requirements and control methods". Amendment  No. 1.

Changes in energy efficiency standards are related to the need to update the requirements in the field of energy efficiency and labeling for products included in the List of objects of mandatory conformity assessment of the National Conformity Assessment System of the Republic of Belarus, approved by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 21.10.2016 No. 849.

Estimated effective date 30.03.2023

September 2022

The State Commission on Radio Frequencies under the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus has launched a new technical regulation regarding broadcasting, cellular, WAS/RLANs and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). As a novelty, this regulation allows the use of WLAN in 6 GHz and ITS in 5.9 GHz.

February 2020

Energy Efficiency Requirements reviewed and updated.
New versions of Energy efficiency standards became effective starting November 1, 2020.

However, the previous versions will remain in effective until  January 1, 2021. 

Also energy labeling standards were amended. The amendments went into affect December 1, 2020.  

As regulations change from time to time in many countries you should contact CSIA for up to date information.

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