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Global Regulatory Updates

Brazil - ​ANATELmade an announcement yesterday, Aug. 25th, that the Sistema de Gestão de Certificação e Homologação (SGCH) will be out of order on Monday, Aug. 29th, due a maintenance and adaptation to the Resolution 663/2016.

Indonesia -SDDPI labs are inundated with testing request which has pushed the normal 4 week lead-time out to as much as 10 weeks.

Niger - Autorité de Régulation Multisectorielle  has not accepted applications in almost two years will updating their regulations but is expected to release new rules in the next few months.

Argentina ENACOM  on July 14th, 2016 published Q2-60.14V16.1 for low power devices (superseding prior technical standard Q2-60.14V12.1).ENACOM has offered a 180 day grace period from the date of publication whereby Q2-60.14V12.1 test reports will continue to be accepted. Once the grace period has ended, reports to the new standard Q2-60.14V16.1 must be submitted for both new and renewal Type Approval applications

CSIA is able to offer telecom, safety and other international approval services in 100% of the countries in the  world including the following regions:

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At CSIA we help you expand into international markets by obtaining type approval for your telecommunications or electronics products.




We have formed partnerships with in country labs, agents, agencies and associate companies worldwide doing business on every continent and every country around the world. This allows us to act as a one-stop shop for all your worldwide approval needs.

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