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International Regulatory Telecom and Safety Approval

Chile will accept conducted test reports

For short range devices that we certify, depending on the type of equipment and on frequency band used, regulation establishes the limits for one of the two following parameters:

1) Radiated power (EIRP): this is the case for WiFi and BT equipment, among many other.

2) Field strength: this is the case of RFID equipment, some remote controls, among many other.

If the limit for an equipment is established for radiated power, then we need a report that provides power measurements for all the frequency bands of operation, either for radiated power or for conducted power, expressed in mW or in dBm. If the measurements data is for radiated power, the maximum value can be taken directly from the report. If the measurements data is for conducted power, then we need to convert it to radiated power to compare it against the limit in the regulation, which is established for radiated power. In order to convert it, the antenna gain (in dBi) needs to be added to the conducted power.  That is, Radiated power (dBm) = Conducted power (dBm) + Antenna gain (dBi).  So, in case a Test Report provides only conducted power measurements, we need to know also the antenna gain(s) for the antenna(s) used by the equipment (some equipment use more than one antenna, for the different frequency bands).  In many cases the antenna gain is mentioned (included) in the equipment's description in the same Test Report.  If that's not the case, we need a document (like a data sheet) that provides the antenna gain and that shows that the antenna is used by that equipment.

If the limit for an equipment is established for field strength, then we need a report that provides field strength measurements for all the frequency bands of operation. Field strength limits in the regulation are expressed in mV/m at a certain distance in meters, or in uV/m at a certain distance in meters. Frequently we need to do conversions as well, in the following situations:

a) Measurements are expressed in another unit, like dBuV/m;

b) Measurements were taken at a different distance from what the limit establishes.

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Global Regulatory Updates

​​CSIA and their global network are able to provide Global Market Access and additional services to our clients including:

  • International Approvals
  • FCC, CE, I/C Approvals
  • GMPCS-MoU ITU Registration
  • Safety Approvals
  • Energy Efficient Certifications
  • VDE Certifications
  • Translations
  • Certificate Holder Service
  • Local Representative Service

CSIA is able to offer telecom, safety and other international approval services in 100% of the countries in the  world including the following regions:

  • North America
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • The Caribbean

​​​At CSIA we help you expand into international markets by obtaining type approval (product certifications) for your telecommunications or electronics products.

​We have formed partnerships with in country labs, agents, agencies and associate companies worldwide doing business on every continent and every country around the world. This allows us to act as a one-stop shop for all your equipment type approvals and worldwide approval needs.